How is it like to be in quarantine? A Coronavirus patient shares his story

Justin is 39-year-old and a healthy type 1 diabetic.

Justin is a coronavirus patient who has shared his story of getting the infection on his Twitter account.

Justin is 39-year-old and a healthy type 1 diabetic.

 This is the first-hand account of Justin sharing his story.

“On March 4th I began getting a headache, and I could feel my lungs, which is weird. However, everything is blooming so I chalked it up to allergies. My breathing became progressively more laboured and began to hurt.

Last Friday, I went to the ER because I nearly passed out for no apparent reason. By that point, it hurt to breathe. They treated me for the flu, gave me Tamiflu, some Motrin, an inhaler, and sent me home. They said if I felt worse to come back, so I came back.

Today it hurts to breathe so much. Walking to the bathroom is like running a marathon. The headache does not go away.

Do not think chest pain like a heart attack or flu. This is not the flu. We all pretty much know the flu. Think deeper, feel lung pain. It is hard to visualize but think when you breathe cold air and that “pain” before your lungs warm back up.

The Motrin and inhaler made my lungs hurt worse. With the inhaler, it is kind of like applying medicine to a wound.

My lungs are angry, so the inhaler is opening them up, so they hurt more. Today they gave me some Prednisone to help my lungs. That is the worst part—the constant lung pain. So hopefully the inflammation goes away with that.

Now I am at home and “quarantining” with my family. If I feel worse, I need to go back. So far, my vitals are great. O2 is 100% but the next few days can be hard. If I drop below 90% I get oxygen, 85%, I am intubated, and at that point, it becomes scary.

This is no flu. The flu is its own thing. This feels So much different from the flu. I have lung pain and a headache. Others have it changed depending on how well their body fights it, health, smoking, age.”

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  • it doesn,t seems like flu….i mean the symptoms u told….its going to be very usefull if u share ur condition

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