How KPK Overhauled its Education System – with KPK Education Minister, Atif Khan

Muhammad Atif Khan, The Dark Horse of PTI

Yes, it is a fact that before PTI rose to power in KPK, little political information is available for this brilliant person. However, assuming a challenging job as Minister of Education in KPK, he has proven his mettle throughout his tenure. He definitely has added some feathers in his hat that makes his party proud of their achievements. Education remains one of the foremost election promises of PTI and therefore required a very skilled person to handle it. Through placement of Atif Khan on this post, PTI has something to boast about now. It is like killing two birds with a single stone — One being the promotion of merit and the other being overhauling a failed system to produce meaningful results.

Muhammad Atif Khan truly is a choice based on merit. This is proved through his exceptional work in the education sector of KPK. Results speak of his hard work, comprehensive strategy and a structured approach. Innovation remains a pivotal characteristic in his problem solving strategies. Whether it be the biometric system of attendance of teachers, training from international bodies like British Council or providing incentives to good performance and penalizing the deliberate bad performance, Atif Khan never ceases to think out of the box. It was only due to his relentless efforts and sustained ambition that KPK has now increased the budget more the twice of what the previous governments had.

He truly is a gentleman, who walks his talk.

As Siasat.Pk always strive to bring you the exclusive interviews of your favorites, this is another episode of the series. We took the questions from our crowd and posed them to Mr. Atif Khan. Watch his extempore response on these questions and we are sure you are going to term it a good show.

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