‘How much does she charge?’: Ayesha Omer shuts down mean comment on her viral video [Watch]

Ayesha Omer shut down the troll graciously

Ayesha Omer viral videoAyesha Omer was yet again at the receiving end of severe trolling after her dance video went viral on the internet. However, the actress didn’t hold back and shut down a mean comment.

In the video, Ayesha Omer can be seen dancing to the Bollywood song “Munni Badnaam”. “So much fun this was,” the Bulbulay star commented on her dance video.

Ayesha Omer added: “Barely practiced our dance together with my mad, mad work schedule. But managed even with a glass bangle piece stuck in my left foot and little bros didn’t drop me. Thank God.”

Watch the video:

However, the netizens were not happy with the Kaaf Kangana actress dancing “so boldly.” A netizen commented on the video: How much does she charge for a dance on a wedding?”

Although, the comment was in a bad taste but Ayesha Omer didn’t lose her composure and shut the troll down graciously.

“She does not dance on random weddings. Only friends’ and relatives’. This was a close friends wedding and this was for fun. Not for money.  She doesn’t charge anything at all.”

The actress and singer added that celebrities also live normal lives just as normal human beings.

“We also dance on our friends’ and relatives’ weddings like some of you, when we can make time to practice with our crazy work schedules. It’s not easy but manage. Not everything is for money guys. Some of it is to feed your soul. Dancing with my close friends is soul food for me,” she concluded with a heart emoji.

Ayesha Omer responds to a mean comment

Moreover, the Zindagi Gulzar also shared pictures from the event on her Instagram.

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  • Hahaha…Let them take all their clothes off if they wish….Thurk bhi jhartay ho aur sath men bakwas bhi kartay ho?…..pure munafqat!

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