How reliable is Changan Motors? Here is what the automaker’s history says

Here's all you need to know.

All you need to know about Changan Motors.

Changan Motors recently launched their first sedan in Pakistan in collaboration with Master Motors – the Changan Alsvin. The vehicle made an incredible entry into the country. Pakistanis are even more excited about the Alsvin, now that its prices have been revealed. 

However, before consumers get too interested in Changan Alsvin, they are looking to find more information about the company. People are curious to know the history, credibility, and authenticity of Changan Motors. 

Here are all the details about the automaker’s reputation, background, and authenticity:

What does ‘Changan’ Stand For? 

The company website reads:

In the Chinese language, ‘Chang’ means lasting, and ‘An’ means safety. So, the meaning of Changan is ‘Lasting Safety’.

Changan Motors – what do we know about the company?

Introduction of Changan Motors: 

The automobile manufacturer is a Chinese state-owned company. Changan Motors’ headquarter is situated in Chongqing, China. The company produces: 

  • passenger cars
  • light trucks
  • microvans
  • commercial vans

As per the company, it has 6,000 sales and service facilities in over 60 countries. The company claims that more than 8,500 consumers buy Changan’s vehicles daily.

History of Changan Motors:

The company’s history goes back to 157 years, when in 1862, Li Hongzhang, a Chinese diplomat and military general, found China’s first western-style engineering company. The organization started manufacturing Changjiang Type 46 vehicles, China’s first home production, in 1959.

Following this, the company produced China’s first minivan, named Star, in 1984. In 1999, Star successfully passed multiple safety collision tests. These tests convinced the Chinese government to promote the local automotive industry. 

Eventually, the company officially adopted the name ‘Changan’ in 2006 and introduced its first passenger car, Benni.

In 2011 and 2012, Changan launched its Eota sedan and CS35 SUV, respectively. Both cars proved to be major successes and pushed the company name among the top 4 car manufacturers of China.

Changan Motors signed an agreement with Master Motors.

Changan Motor’s Entry in Pakistan: 

Changan Motors signed an agreement with Master Motors on the 29th of June 2018. Under the agreement, both organizations vowed to invest $100 million in Pakistan’s automobile sector. Following the agreement, the partners announced plans to establish a production plant in Karachi.

Master Motors collaborated with Changan Motors.

Introduction of Master Motors 

The organization was established in 2002 by the Master Group of Industries. Master Motors is an authorized assembler/manufacturer of leading Chinese commercial vehicles, including globally famous Foton‘s heavy-duty and light-duty trucks. As per the company website, it has sold over 12,000 commercial vehicles in Pakistan, making it a reliable name in public and private organizations.

Changan Motors first locally assembled car.

Products of Changan Master Motor in Pakistan:  

  • May 2019 – the first-ever locally-assembled Changan vehicle, Karvaaan
  • 2019 end – two commercial pickups M8 and M9
  • December 2020, the first sedan, Alsvin

Is Changan Motors Reliable?

Indeed, Changan Automobile and Master Motors are reliable companies. Both manufacturers have a long history of presence in the market and proven credibility established over many years. 


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  • Lo g Toyota, Suzuki, aur Honda k baad aik aur chor group aa gaya Pakistan mein, ye car Gulf mein Pakistani Rs mein 1.7 Million Rupees ke hai, aur Pakistan mein Price 2.5 million Rs,, Koi hai jo in haram khoro se sawal kare k Pakistan mein aakhir Car itni mehngi sale kiu karte hein? aur cheap quality b,,,
    Hum kis country mein reh rahe hein aakhir jaha jis ka jo dil karta hai wo apna product mehnga ker k sale karta hai, aur dosri countries mein kam price per..

    • You can’t compare between the car prices in UAE and Pakistan.
      There are import duties in Pakistan on certain items (such as engines) in Pakistan that increase the prices. So assembling the car doesn’t mean the car manufacturer won’t have to pay a dime to the government in import duties.

  • Changan may be reliable in China but Pakistani groups even big giants are not reliable until they have presence like Honda, Toyota and suzuki in Pakistan.. Suzuki parts are even cheap and available each n every corner of Pakistan.

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