How Shahveer Jafry became the talk of the town due to ‘classist’ sign on his wedding venue [PICTURES]

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Shaver Jafry is a renowned vlogger, ruling the hearts of millions of followers for the last many years. A few weeks ago, the famous Pakistani sketch comedy artist tied the knot with a known fashion designer-Ayesha Baig. 

The wedding of Shahveer Jafry was another hot topic on the internet yet a more controversial subject among social media users. While the couple organized an extra vacant wedding, it was pretty much expected to catch netizens’ sight and interest. 

The Walima function was held in the Garrison Gold Club, where the newly-wed couple took many photographs to celebrate the joy and delight of their friends and family. 

One such photo taken outside the Garrison Gold Club is making rounds on the internet to hurt people’s classism opinions. 

While the picture featured a beautiful newly-wed couple, a signboard saying ”No Drivers and Guards Allowed In The Wedding” made many followers furious and blew their anger on the internet. 

The signboard clearly spoke volumes for a derogatory remark on the low-earning community as their entrance was restricted to the wedding function.

Besides the prayers and blessings, the newly-wed couple faced immense trolling and criticism for the signboard in the picture that wasn’t expected from a reputable YouTube influencer as of now.

Despite being busy with wedding chores, Shaver Jafry was responsible enough and stepped forward to clarify the fuss created on social media. 

In response to the follower’s question, Shahveer commented on the picture by justifying that he had no concern with that signboard as it was kept there by the Garrison Glob Club. 

He said: ‘I have absolutely nothing to do with the sign nor support the message. Had it come to my attention, I would have removed it immediately. 

The message from Shahveer Jafry was a sigh of relief to the trolls on the internet and halted the rounds made on the internet due to the classist sign.

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