How To Block All Promotional Messages With One Simple SMS

Screenshot of a promotional message
Screenshot of a promotional message

There was a time when mobile operators would come up with different SMS bundles for their customers. Now, things have changed and they have turned their focus towards introducing affordable internet packages.

WhatsApp has become the most common mode of communication these days. Despite the fact that mobile users hardly use SMS for communication, we still get the annoying promotional messages that we never asked for.

Now, the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has finally put an end to these messages. Instead of blocking the promotional messages sender one by one, you can stop receiving them through one simple text.

The PTA has introduced new regulations,  after which telemarketers will only be able to send promotional messages to those who opts for it. All such texts will have an opt-out option at the end. According to the authority, sending SMS without consent is a violation of PTA’s regulations and PECA.

How to block promotional messages?

As you can see in the below screenshot that there is a message from the PTA.

To block all promotional SMSs, send “Reg” to 3627. Once you send the message, you will receive a text from the same number, confirming that your number has been successfully added to Do Not Contact Register.

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