How To Check Your Zong Number?

how to zong number checkThis guide will help you know about how to check your Zong number incase you forget it. The telecommunication giant has made it super easy to check your number. There are various methods to do so.

There are multiple reasons why would you try to find out the number of your Zong sim: forgetting your number after you have just bought a new sim or sometimes you find a SIM on the street and wants to know the number.

This guide will help you find out the number in different methods.

How To Check Your Zong Number?

First Method:

  • Go to your phone dialer
  • Dial *8#
  • You SIM number will automatically appear on your phone’s screen.
  • This is probably the most easiest way to find out your Zong number and most importantly it won’t charge you any money.

Second Method:

  • Go to your messaging app and click on new message option.
  • Type MNP and sent it to 667.  After some time, you will receive a message with complete information about your SIM card. This includes Zong number,  activation date and Sim owner name.
  • It is pertinent to mention that this service isn’t free and you will require some balance in your phone.

Third Method:

You can also find out your Zong number by calling the official helpline of the network.  Dial 310 from your mobile phone to talk to Zong representative. The representative will give you all the necessary details regarding your SIM.

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