How to make an international driving license in Pakistan

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An International Driving Permit (IDP) is an identity paper or license that permits the possessor to drive a personal motor or vehicle in any country that identifies IDPs. There are a total of 132 Countries around the globe, including Pakistan, which recognizes IDP/IDL.

The IDP is a little larger than a passport; it is a multi-language translation of the driver’s license from the issuing nation, with photographs and important figures. Many people who travel from country to country apply for IDP for convenience in other countries.

How to make an international driving license in Pakistan?

If you want an IDP, you will have to follow this simple procedure:

  • Download, print, and fill up the International Driving Form
  • Attach three recent passport size photographs
  • Photocopy of legal passport and visa copy
  • Photocopy of local driving license
  • Photocopy of Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC)
  • Medical Certificate
  • Submit in your closest licensing center

The method & process will largely remain the same whether you visit the driving license center in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Quetta, or Peshawar because all provinces have the same traffic regulations.

Required Documents for International License Application

  • International Application Form within FileCover
  • An attested copy of C.N.I.C.
  • A copy of Valid Driving License
  • A copy of valid Pakistani Passport
  • 2 attested photographs (Passport Size)
  • Rs. 66 Court Fee Ticket

The fees for IDP will differ in each province. The processing time will also depend on whether the area has a computerized system such as DLIMS Punjab, Driving Licence Sindh (DLS), or a manual system such as in Balochistan.

Verification of International Driving License

If you have already obtained an IDP, you can check its validity from the official portals of the licensing centers:

For Punjab: DLIMS Punjab
For Sindh: Driving License Sindh
For KPK: Traffic Police Peshawar
For Balochistan: Quetta Traffic Police

Just enter your license number OR CNIC number to check the status and verify your license. For more details, you can also contact the traffic police.

Can an International Driving License work as an ID?

In many countries of the world, an international driving license plays the role of an ID as well. If you lose your ID card or want to get a new one, your international license can help you in the meantime to carry out your daily activities. For those who do not know, an international license contains all the records and information of the individual. This makes it similar to an ID card. While this may be true, a driving license does not necessarily replace the need to have an ID card. To put it simply, your driver’s license may help you for identification purposes, but it does not eradicate the need for an ID card. Especially in the case of a foreign country, where laws are strict, you will need to make sure that you have an ID card as well.

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  • The article is not complete, Where to download the application form for IDL? Valid Visa is required to apply IDL is compulsory? in one list you mentioned it but in another list, it is not mentioned. where to get Medical Certificate any template?

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