How To Register: Everything you need to know about receiving vaccinations in Pakistan

To continue surviving in this deadly Coornavirus environment people must receive their vaccination doses.

Ever since the Coronavirus emerged in 2019, it has claimed the lives of millions of people worldwide. Although ample time has elapsed, Covid-19 continues to cause great collateral damage to people and economies globally. People have now adjusted to a new world of smart lockdowns, working from home, and online schooling in Pakistan.

However, regardless of all the measures taken to contain the virus, Covid-19 can truly be fought with one weapon only – the vaccine.

Now that many vaccines for Covid-19 have been created by researchers, people are learning to cope with the pandemic better. The Pakistani government and all front-line workers plan to make the vaccine available for every citizen effectively.

To continue surviving in this deadly Coornavirus environment people must receive their vaccination doses. This article will teach you how to do that.

Covid-19 Vaccination begins in Pakistan

The government introduced a helpline number – 1166 – on the 6th of February 2020 with the title ‘Sehat Tahaffuz’. The primary aim of this helpline is to assist citizens in gathering information regarding the Covid-19 vaccination and register themselves for inoculation.

Alongside setting up a helpline, Pakistan imported World Health Organization-approved vaccines that included two doses by the end of 2020.

The first drive of the Covid-19 vaccinations was dedicated to health line workers to ensure their safety so they could continue to help more and more people. After this vaccination drive, a registration portal was opened for people of age 60+.

Registration of 50+ people and 40+ people followed next. Recently, registration and administration of vaccines of 30+ people began. Fortunately, people aged 19 and above have also been allowed to register for the vaccination; soon the young will receive a call for inoculation of the vaccine. 

The Process of receiving Vaccination in Pakistan

In Pakistan, anyone who falls in the age bracket of the approved can register for the vaccination via their phones by messaging their CNIC number on 1166. Once the message is sent, the person will receive a code, date, and location for their vaccination.

People can then visit the specified location on the specified date, along with their four-digit code to receive their Covid-19 vaccination.

Those who have an internet connection can also register themselves or relatives by visiting the NIMS website. People only have to enter the necessary credentials to register for the Coronavirus vaccine.

To date, the entire vaccination process has been running smoothly and successfully in Pakistan. Almost all private and government hospitals now have Covid-19 vaccination units and the government has also created vaccination centers at locations like the Expo Center to enhance the vaccination process further.

More details on the vaccine process can be found on the NCOC Government of Pakistan website.

Different Vaccines Available in Pakistan

Two vaccines imported from China are widely being used in Pakistan: “Sinopharm” and “Sinovac”, while a few shots of UK-imported “AstraZeneca“ have also been used for inoculation. All of these vaccines are double-dose vaccines.

Recently, a small consignment of the Cansino” vaccine arrived from China that features a single dose inoculation. According to sources, this vaccine will be used by health workers mostly.

Reports further state that Pakistan has also developed its own vaccine “Pakvac” – a single-dose injection that has been approved by WHO and will soon be spread nationwide.

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