How to sell eBooks on Amazon Kindle in Pakistan

Selling eBooks on Amazon Kindle can be a great side business, but not everyone knows how to get into it. 

How to sell eBooks on Amazon Kindle in Pakistan

Selling eBooks on Amazon Kindle can be a great side business, but not everyone knows how to get into it.

For all those who are unaware, Kindle is an e-reader device, which lets you read, download, browse and access books, magazines, and other digital media. On the other hand, Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing is a platform that lets you create an account and self-publish your eBooks and paperbacks for free.

In order to facilitate you, below is a detailed guide on how you can sell eBooks on Amazon Kindle in Pakistan.

How to sell eBooks on Amazon Kindle in Pakistan

Creating an account

First of all, you need to start with creating an account on Kindle Direct Publishing by directly going onto the website, and signing up. After you’re done creating an account, you will have to follow a few verification steps, and the last step is to agree to the terms and conditions. You also have to confirm the two-step verification, and when doing so, select Pakistan as the country to add your cell number.

Now, you have to add a few other personal details, which include adding your address, postal code, and phone number.

How to get paid?

While adding personal details, you also need to add the method of payment. PayPal is not available in Pakistan, hence choose Payoneer as your payment method.

Creating a Payoneer account is simple and you can do so by going onto the website. Then, log in to the Payoneer account, click the ‘Receive’ button, and go to ‘Global Payment Service’ from there. You will get information about your bank (or the account you have connected to your Payoneer), and add that to the Kindle Direct Publishing website. You may also have to provide your Tax information, like the NTN number.

Creating a Kindle eBook

After you have created the account and verified the process, you need to create a Kindle eBook.

There’s an option on the website, where you can create the eBook. Click on it, and add the language of the book, book title, subtitle, and so on.

When it comes to keywords, carefully select the words as when users write these words, your book will appear on the screen. You can also click the category of your book, whether it is fiction, non-fiction, and so on.

The next step from here is to upload your book and the cover of the book. You can create the cover of the book directly from the website, or go to Canva Pro to create it.

The last step is to set the pricing, percentage, and commission. Once all that is done, you can publish your book on Amazon.

Where to get the book’s content from?

Now comes the main question, how can you get your book written? It isn’t important that you write the book yourself, but if you like to write books, then you’re more than welcome to do so.

However, you can always hire a freelance book writer from Fiverr or other marketplaces.

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