How Vietnam, a neighboring country of China, has zero COVID-19 deaths so far?

The reason why the country has managed to do this is due to the three-pronged government policy.


Vietnam – a developing country that has a large border with China has not reported a single death from COVID-19. As of May 2, the country has reported only 270 cases.

The reason why the country has managed to do all this is due to the three-pronged government policy.

Testing and Temperature Screening

Starting in February, anyone arriving at an airport in a main Vietnamese city had to go through mandatory temperature screening and fill in a health self-declaration form, stating their contact details, health, and travel history. These preventive measures are now compulsory for everyone entering major cities, government buildings, and hospitals.

Anyone with a body temperature of above 38C is taken to the nearby hospital for more detailed testing. Those who are confirmed to have lied in their self-declaration can be criminally charged.

Businesses including restaurants, banks, and apartment complexes have also installed their own screening systems.


The second prong of the country’s strategy is lockdowns and quarantine. Since mid-February, Vietnamese people returning home from abroad have been tested and quarantined for 14 days on arrival.

The 14-day quarantine policy has also been applied to foreigners coming to Vietnam. Anyone who has come into close contact with an infected person is urged to come forward for quarantine. If it’s discovered that anyone has come into contact with someone who has tested positive, they will be put into compulsory quarantine.

In March, Vietnam started to lock down entire cities and particular areas in a city. Traveling between cities is now highly restricted.


From early January, the Vietnamese government has communicated publicly to citizens about the seriousness of the virus.

The government has been productive in its communications methods. Each day, many officials of the Vietnamese government – from the Prime Minister to the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Information and Communications – text people with the latest information.

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