How YouTube and Digital Media Changing Lives – Meet Zeeshan Aziz | Digital Media Journalist And YouTube Expert

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Digital Media and YouTube are the current biggest revolutionary platforms that are making massive participation into make lives of people. Digital media took journalism to the next level with technology and more reach of audience.

There was a time when we use to go to print media and then electronic media, but now digital media are also a reliable and quick source of information. Many young journalists started their journalism via digital media and are well-known now for their credible information and journalism.

Zeeshan Aziz is a young digital media journalist and Group Manager at the largest digital media platform, UrduPoint. He is a digital media journalist with more than five years of experience in journalism on current affairs, international politics, and social issues.

He made multiple videos and attended multiple seminars to teach the younger generation about digital media platforms on how to use them properly, and make them beneficial for ourselves.

Zeeshan always focused on his videos and articles to make their journalism and YouTube a Brand by their content. He has been teaching young talent through his content on how they can be a brand and make that brand beneficial for themselves in terms of reputation and revenue.

Recently in his interview on Qasim Ali Shah Foundation, he explained how we can make quality content in journalism and YouTube and how the new generation should pursue their career in Journalism.

“To become a successful YouTuber, one needs to have the right mix of enthusiasm and professionalism. It is a full-time job and requires the same hard work as any other profession. Like anything else in life, here too, there is no free lunch.”

Zeeshan Aziz has been managing the UrduPoint YouTube channel, which engages monthly 90 million views with a 5 million audience. The journalist has been handling content strategy, YouTube content, SEO, content production, and editing process. He added that it’s tough to find unique and quality content daily, but their team is working passionately on it, making them a more profitable and bigger brand.

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