HRCP Shows Deep Concerns Over ‘Free And Fair’ Elections


The independent rights-watchers HRCP (The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan) doubt the claims of ‘free and fair’ elections. They have predicted the upcoming polls to be the most intensively participated but the dirtiest and mismanaged as well.

HRCP spokesperson has expressed deep concerns with the upcoming elections, saying the evidence is contrary to the true spirit of elections.

“We have serious doubts that elections will be free and fair. Before elections, efforts have been started to pressurize candidates to return tickets. Moreover, we have serious reservations about the use of military troops inside polling stations. So the issue was taken up with the CEC and he assured that officials will not go inside election booths’’ – he said.

A.R said that the situation is similar as 2013 elections – when all the political parties were attacked and affected except the ‘favoured ones’.

Rehman also commented on the aggressive behavior of the public and said that due to the prevailing situation, it is hard for people to openly embrace their political affiliations. It is creating a barrier for freedom of expression which is quite imperative for a democratic state. He urged ECP to look into the matter.

HRCP council member Advocate Hina Jilani said that ECP should use the military to ensure peace and overcome the security risk during election campaigns.

“Forces which should have been eradicated still exist and they are striking. There is a section of the political class which is more targeted. We are convinced that elections are conducted in an environment which will affect the results. Political engineering and media management are being done’’ – she commented.

HRCP council members also showed deep resentment over banned terrorist organizations taking part in the elections. They said they are open to contest polls and support the candidates but no one is willing to take the responsibility for that.

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