Hrithik Roshan Shows Support to a Student Being Bullied By His Professor in NUML

Bollywood Superstar Hrithik Roshan has come out in support of a student studying at the National University Of Modern Languages, Islamabad.

The student’s cousin, Marium Zulfiqar, took to Twitter to share her cousin’s horrible experience of being bullied by his own professor over his stuttering during class.

According to the tweet, the head of the Bachelor of Business Administration department in NUML asked his student to quit his studies, if he can not speak properly. Marium Zulfiqar added that her cousin hasn’t come out of his room for two days since the incident.

Furthermore, when the student spoke to his professor the next day to know if there was some problem with his performance as a student, the professor yet again asked him to quit his studies for his own good.

Replying to the tweet, Hrithik Roshan termed both the professor and his judgment as irrelevant. He added that “Stuttering should never hold him back from dreaming BIG.

“People who shame him are no better than brainless monkeys,” the Bollywood star concluded.

Hrithik Roshan has himself suffered from stuttering in the past. During an interview, the Bollywood star also revealed that he had been bullied in his school for his stuttering.

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  • Having the same inborn disability i can imagine what this guy is going through 🙁 i too faced similar shit in my scholl/college days even till now sometime I’ve to deal with thia shit. Hope this guy finds something to cling on, ignore the shit and pursue ur dreams.

    • I am so sorry my friend that you have to put up with the scum of our society for something that is totally out of your control. They are scum and will remain scum no matter what happens.

  • I think there is a misunderstanding. I m HoD Management Sciences (including BBA) NUML Islamabad but I can assure u tht it didn’t happen in my class. I even came to know about this matter through a friend. From the tweet and your blog it implied tht I m the person responsible which isn’t true. No body even contacted me for my opinion. As @iHrithik refer to brainless monkeys I think there r brainless sharings, likings and writing blogs on celebrities tweets. Please, at least make a little effort to contact the person in question before writing ur blogs and comments. I m here and I welcome u all to visit me anytime regarding this matter. It’s a complete misunderstanding on the part of @MariumAwazar and @iHrithik and the rest just blindly followed them.

  • Who the hell that professor, that professor has also out of sense of humor and who gave him the degree of professor, mindless people’s, that professor should be think if the Allah SWT have gotten his voice or make stuttering his voice like that student then what will that professor do? That professor should be apologized for his mistakes.

  • I have been a student of NUML, Islamabad of English literature. It’s true that teachers there donot encourage the students to participate in the class, especially those who hold degrees in literature. They wish to be heard and appreciated, and if a student attempts to share their knowledge, they start rolling their eyes and implicitely discourage them. However, what the HOD of BBA department did went to the extent that not only humiliated him but the entire teacher fraternity. A teacher should be a motivator who emboldens their pupils to do the things they feel hard to do. But what the professor did was utterly absured, it is he who should be ashamed of his words and not the student who has been wrongfully ridiculed for something he has no control over. The professor has really showed his mentality and level that evidence the fact that he is not worthy of the position he holds!.

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