Humaima Malick says Diriliş: Ertuğrul is totally ‘worth the 100 ruppees’

Humaima has also jumped on the Ertuğrul-loving bandwagon!

Actress Humaima Malick has jumped on the bandwagon and recently spoken about her liking for the popular Turkish series Dirilis: Ertugrul.

Showing her admiration for the show, Humaima said that the drama series is totally worth the Rs.35 she paid to the national television.

Thank You PTV Home Official for bringing Diriliş: Ertuğrul to Pakistan. It’s totally worth my 35 rupees which I paid till to date to our national television. Keep entertaining us with good content”, Humaima wrote.

Commenting on her tweet, a journalist corrected her, saying that PTV’s prices have increased to Rs.100. Replying, Humaima said that the fee is totally worth it for such ‘quality content’. She said it is important that we support the revival of our national television.

”100 rupees is totally worth it for such quality content. We need to support our national television to revive its brand. I love the PTV Home Official logo every time it comes on and so proud of our national channel and congratulate them on its revival,” Humaima corrected herself.

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  • If Humina Malik said this then she is stupid dumb by woman. These stupid people complaining can’t make anything good them self and if some else’s does good things they get jealous and talk rubbish.

    These stupid people should produce something better than ertugul  so people watch pakistani programmes not Turkish series .or learn from the world and at least copy and produce something good without begging for Government help all the times and stop complaining all the times.

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