Humaima Malick faces harsh criticism for sharing milad video on Instagram

She was criticized and labeled a 'hypocrite'

Pakistan’s famous actress, Humaima Malick, made her debut with Pakistan’s one of the finest movies ‘Bol’ and later on got the opportunity to work even across the border with Emran Hashmi.

Recently, Humaima Malick’s brother Feroze Khan announced retirement from his acting career and expressed his will to devote his life to Islam. The Bol actress expressed his support for him in this radical decision of his life.

Her vocal support for her brother left people wondering if Humaima herself would also take such a step and quit showbiz or not.

Humaima Malick recently shared a clip from a Milaad on Instagram.

However, it seems that she did not know what was coming her way. Her comments section flooded with hate comments, labels, and criticism.

Although it is not new for Pakistanis to treat their female artists like this, but objecting on a Milad video…well, that’s new!

What are your views on this? Share in the comments bar below.

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