Human Rights Activists demand apology from PM Khan over rape ‘victim blaming’ comment

The protestors were holding posters and placards listed with their demand for an apology.

PM Khan under fire over rape comment.

Human Rights Activists and Civil Society Members gathered outside the National Press Club in Islamabad to protest against Prime Minister Imran Khan’s comment blaming “vulgarity” in society for sexual violence and rape.

The protestors criticized the Prime Minister for what they called “victim-blaming” and demanded an apology for the remark he made during a question and answer session with the public. It all started when a caller asked the PM to suggest a solution to growing child abuse cases in the country.

 rape comment

The protestors were holding posters and placards listed with their demand for an apology and said that such statements would encourage rapists.

One of the protestors said, “We can consider this an opinion when a common person says such a thing, but if a state head makes such judgment, it becomes a policy statement. We cannot ignore such a statement that puts the burden of such crimes on women’s dressing. It is a dangerous statement for women who work in offices, fields, and industries.”

Speaking to the media, Women Rights Activist Tahira Abdullah said, “If women’s dressing is the reason, then why do dead women, children, and animals get raped in our society.”

Tahira demanded that the Prime Minister must take his words back and apologize to the nation.

 rape comment
Tahira Abdullah holding a placard during the protest.

The Former Secretary Women’s Parliamentary Caucus and MNA, Shaista Pervaiz Malik, said that the PM needed a reality check and to analyze the bigger picture of our societal structure before saying anything.

In an open letter to Khan, the MNA said, “Prime Minister Imran Khan’s narrative linking women’s dressing to sexual violence has sent ripples across the region. His statement has, unfortunately, perpetuated the existing negative mindset rather than alleviating the issue. It verifies the vulnerability of women and girls instead of giving respect and protection to them.”

Shaista Malik urged the PM to “read this loud and clear that women and girls are unsafe while within four walls as well as within full ‘Purdah.’ They are the most vulnerable target for sexual violence, merely based on their gender. Otherwise, how do you account for a four or six-month-old baby girl being molested, raped, and murdered?”

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  • Go to hell… IK gave a damn to thousands of protesters of PDM thieves, how would he damn to the protest of 6 foriegn funded people…?

  • imran khan ki bat ka sirf ek hissa pakra gaya uske agay peechay sab kuch nikal dya. Poori bat ye thi ke maghrib mai esa mahool hai ke wahan par is trah ki cheezain log dekhne ke baad jaakar casino/stripping clubs waghera main apne shoq pooray karlete hain. yahan par to esa kuch nahi hai or ho bhi nahi sakta is maashre main. isliye yahan par jab unki trah se be pardagi hoti hai to kuch log esay bhi hotay hain jo apne oper qabo nahi rakh sakte unko shoq pora karne ki na jaga milay gi yahan par na unka koi or bandobast hai to wo apni bhook par qabo nahi rakh patay or ghalat kaam ki traf chal partay hain. beshal isme mard hi qasoor war hai lekin aap sav agar ik ki baat poori sunain or samjhain bajaiy ye ke ek lafz pakar lain us main se.

  • well, a gang of 8 is representative of 200 million people!! That be the first.

    IK should apologise to himself first and foremost, as a non Rapist.
    He can then apologise to me too. Lolz

    Where there is a direct link to violence on the streets of West due to influence of alcohol. Same way there is a link to sexual deprivation and rape. That sexual deprivation is reached after years of frustration and soiling of the minds. It is directly related to the Porn and other deprivations in the society.
    That’s what IK was pointing out, not necessary to the dress code.
    More vulgarity is in the society, there would be more crimes, sexual or otherwise. This is a fact.

    • that is so true, especially you know this when you work for crime statistic organisation.

  • I, not for one minute, agree with human right activist or people who are criticising what Imran Khan said. He was only stating one of the reason for the this horrific crime. The other reasons are courts judgements and incompetent/ dishonest police. if a crime is not punished with appropriate punishment than criminals become powerful and challenge states. Thats whats happening in Pakistan right now.

  • I am not happy and agree what pm said but I don’t like when you are paid for your protest . Yeh Liberal aunties apni dukan chala rahi hein !!!

  • Yeh jis ny poster uthaya hua qabar mai tangain ha iski or dupata sir py ha nai 60+yrs lg rai. Yeh hamain btaye gi what is nudity and what is rape…go to hell. Imran khan ki bt ko samjho.

  • Hum ny q in logo ko azadi di ha . Pardyy ko hukam hmy hmara mazhab deta h .. khan sb in logo ky khilaf karwai ki jay jo hmary mulk me fahashi peda krrhi hn

  • ہمارا مذہب پردہ کا حکم دیتا ہے خواتین کو عمران خان نے بالکل درست کہا ہے فہاشی کو روکنا ہو گا

  • These few mather pather azad people are not all representing our society. They are actually least pushed to keep parents name with their name.
    Really shameless group and shameless media which actually coverings their suspicious activities.

  • يہ ہيومن رائٹس کے کُتے پاکستان ميں ہی بھونکتے ہيں جہاں امريکہ اور برطانيہ سے ريپ کيسس کا کوئی موازنہ نہيں

  • Masha Allah, My Brave Prime Minister Sir Imran Khan Bravely describe the Quran Kareem in simple words, as a muslim we admit that his saying is 1000% true.

  • This is an Islamic state and being Prime Minister of the state he is absolutely right.

  • These 6 people can fuck right off. They got their payments processed from their owners. Now they can sit in peace.

  • Karway in k khilaaf ki jaye imran ne kuch ghult nhi kaha inko kakarh k jail main dalo aqal ajyge

  • This is an Islamic state and being a Prime Minister of the state he Imran Ahmed Khan Niazi is absolutely right more than 1000%.
    We Pakistanis about 22 million peoples are with our brave PM. Go to hell all Propaganda doing people.

  • Sex our money ki zarorat her insaan k Ander hoty ha . Halal our Haram tareqa iss zarorat ko jaeez najeez banata ha. Pury duniya k insaan sex say hi peda howay magar shadi aik halal zeriya hs.Jab qanoon insaaf na day tu loog illegal tareqay say sex our money hasil kertay Hein. Drama filmien internet tu 1900 century may Aya but 1400 year pahlay bhe Zina our chori thee jis ki saza ha Islam may kehaza qanoon sakht Kerky inplement kernay ki zarorat ha warns mulk, bank, Ghar, orat bachay larkay lotay rahien gay

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