Humans will annihilate by 2050, climate change study warns

Warning about the horrors of climate change, a recent study has warned that if we fail to take sustainable measures, humans will annihilate by 2050.


According to a report by Australia’s Breakthrough National Centre for Climate Restoration (BNCCR) released just ahead of June 5th World Environment Day, humans will perish by 2050. You heard it right, we only have about 31 years to do something!

The said report exposes hazards of climate change saying that by the year 2050, the cities like Mumbai, Florida, Shanghai will be reduced to swamps and 90% of mankind of humans will annihilate.

BNCCR is an independent think-tank that is aimed at initiating conversations regarding the consequences of drastic change in climatic patterns. The recent report, which is alarming by all means, concludes to the urgency of the situation.

How accurate is the BNCCR report?


While the results can be argued upon, the causes are genuine and need urgent attention, the report says. It argues that the data is available for everyone to skim through and follow. It added that we need to see where we currently stand as responsible bodies like the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) are not projecting the scenario ‘realistically enough’ and are “erring on the side of least drama”.

“We must never forget that we are in a unique situation with no precise historic analogue. The level of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere is now greater, and the Earth warmer than what human beings have ever experienced. And there are almost eight billion of us now living on this planet.” (This corroborates with the recent decision by a body of scientists to formally declare our era as the Anthropocene—a time when humans have a disproportionate impact on the environment)

The study warns that humans are heading towards existential crisis far more quickly than what is believed to be. It also questioned the efficacy of the Paris Agreement which aims to cap global temperature rise to 3-5°C. That is a grave warning in itself.

“…3°C of warming already constitutes an existential risk,” the study says.

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Cities like Mumbai and Shanghai are at most risk:


A 3°C rise in temperatures means a 0.5m rise in sea levels which poses the most damage to the coastal areas around the world.

“If climate change was to reach 3°C, most of Bangladesh and Florida would drown, while major coastal cities — Shanghai, Lagos, Mumbai — would be swamped, likely creating large flows of climate refugees,” the study warns. 

Besides, a 3°C rise in temperatures will cause a domino effect which will be difficult to roll back. Imagine there will be no polar ice caps to reflect the sun’s rays and heat, Arctic permafrost defrosting to release methane into the atmosphere and other consequences that will only make the Earth hotter still. A 4°C rise could annihilate up to 80-90% of the global human population, the study states.

The study warns that if nothing is done, about 1 billion people that are currently living in West Africa and the Middle East will have to relocate as the climate conditions will make these places unliveable by 2050.

It will cause ”record-breaking heatwaves and wildfires, more intense flooding and more damaging hurricanes”.

The report concluded saying that climate change is reaching the end game very soon and humans should make the decision between acting swiftly or leaving it to the time and suffer the consequences later.

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