Humans Beyond Borders: Peshawar Zalmi Announces Aid For Kerala Flood Victims

Rescuers evacuate people from a flooded area to a safer place in Aluva in the southern state of Kerala, India, August 18, 2018. REUTERS/Sivaram V

Among the progressive steps, we have taken recently as a society, defeating hate and making humanity a priority shines the brightest. There is an actual change in the attitude of people and they are making efforts in individual capacities to defeat the culture of anti-India sentiments. Cross-border tensions and manipulation of sentiments have been a hot sell in the past, something for that has favoured personal-political gains.

However, what we have collectively realized and accepted is that we need to beat the negativity that has made our roots shallow and take steps towards building positive, friendly and productive relationships with India.

To revive peace in the subcontinent and bridging the gap between the two rivals, artists and sports personalities have always played a prominent role. Recently verified by Navjot Singh Sidhu, who bravely took all the reaction from biased Indian media and instead chose to be a representation of peace that the people of India envision, the impact that it was able to create can, in fact, be sensed. Sentiments are changing and people have actually started to have a welcoming attitude towards the change.

Similarly, a beautiful example is set forth by Chairman Peshawar Zalmi and Zalmi Foundation Javed Afridi, who has announced aid for victims of Kerala flood. India has seen the worst spell of monsoon rains, leading to a disastrous flood in Kerala, leaving thousands of people marooned.

As a goodwill gesture and performing his part of due duty towards humanity, Javed announced on his Twitter that they will be donating 5000 tents and basic medical facilities to the affected.

He also encouraged other people to play their part in the relief of the victims. His gesture was positively welcomed and appreciated by the social media community, saying that humanity and love extends beyond borders.

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