Hundreds from Modi’s India file a petition regarding ‘unacceptable’ situation in Kashmir

Some 284 petitioners, including academics, journalists, political leaders, and others said in a petition that we find the situation(in IOK) ‘unacceptable’ on both humanitarian as well as democratic grounds.

Photo source Aljazeera.

Hundreds from Modi’s India have filed a petition before the country’s high-ups including the premier and the president calling the current lockdown in Kashmir “unacceptable.” Kashmir is an unfinished agenda of partition with a lockdown in parts claimed by India.

The report regarding the petition appeared in Kashmir Media Service. Some 284 petitioners, including academics, journalists, political leaders, and others went on to say that we find this situation(in IOK) unacceptable on humanitarian grounds.

The petition addressing the country’s political elite also read: “On democratic grounds too, we find this situation unacceptable. If the government can take away the freedom of expression and the right to debate legislation that affects their lives in occupied Kashmir, what prevents them from doing so across the country?”

“We appeal to the government, the petition further read, referring the article of Indian Constitution that earlier guaranteed the special status to the residents of Muslim majority region since the passage of 1954 Presidential Decree.

The petition also expressed reservations on the credibility of the government’s decision to revoke the territory’s special status saying that the decision to revoke Kashmir’s special status and bifurcate the region into two union territories was taken without consulting the locals.

Several rights groups including the Human Rights and Amnesty International have, repeatedly, called the rights of d on Modi Government to lift the restrictions from Kashmir valley and to release the political representatives that have been detained since August 5 decision to repeal the special status.

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There has been near-total communication lockdown in IOK for about two months except for some landlines to become operational only in limited areas. The internet facility is blocked and people of the valley face difficulties in communicating with their relatives living in other areas.

Besides lockdown and barricades in the Kashmir region, the initiation of National Register of Citizens which is to enter the second Indian state seems like another attempt to suppress the Muslims living across India as Home Minister Amit Shah excluded only Muslims while assuring the provision of citizenship rights to many other minorities living across India.

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