‘We hid our women inside’, Hundreds of Muslims attack Christian villagers in Okara [VIDEO]

Many Christian activists have been sharing disturbing footage of the incident on social media

Mangta Masih lost his thumb when hundreds of Muslims attacked his house a day after Catholic youths were beaten in a village in Okara.
Speaking to UCA News, the 45-year-old laborer said, “We hid our women inside while they (Muslims) tried to break in. One of them grabbed me from behind, and another hit with a sickle blade. I tried to stop the blow with my right hand. I fell, and they kept beating us with sticks.”
He added, “They were armed with glass bottles, axes, stones, batons, and bricks. Many others used stairs to climb to our roofs and started breaking our furniture. We begged to leave the women, but the attack lasted for half an hour.”
Fear has gripped 80 Christian families of Chak 5 village after a mob of more than 200 Muslims raided their residences on the 15th of May. Masih is one of eight Christians with fractured bones.
The local deputy superintendent of police visited the site on the 16th of May and guaranteed locals to register a first information report under Section 452.
Following this, many Christian activists have been sharing disturbing footage of the incident on social media.
“They broke the locks, grabbed our hair, and dragged us out one by one. Young girls were attacked and left with torn clothes,” stated a woman lying among many wounded villagers with fractured bones.

According to Father Khalid Mukhtar, parish priest of St. Thomas Catholic Church in Chak 5, the attack was sparked following the 14th of May attack on Catholic youngsters.
“The boys were cleaning the church when one of the Muslim landlords, passing by the church, accused them of throwing dirt on him. They attacked the boys and then raided 15 houses of our community the next day,” said the priest.
“The weakness on the administration’s part encourages such attacks on religious minorities. The criminals are usually let off unpunished. Religion is used to settle personal scores. The locals fear another attack.”
The priest conducted a meeting of parish committee members on the 16th of May at St. Thomas Church, recorded statements of the injured, and registered a complaint at the local police station.

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  • Thus is unacceptable extremely unacceptable , the so-called “Muslims” must be hanged till death so less than that , this is so much against Islam. ‘

    I am disgusted and angered to the extreme. We complain about Kashmir and Palestine and Rohingya and Ulgers and what the hell is that

  • “The criminals are usually let off unpunished”

    This is main point every culprit should be punished according to his violence . . . . . Without any difference of religion

  • We muslims just exploit our religion, this country now belongs to Islamaabad’s Elite class of AuratMarch whose husbands are Landlords and Politicians and the Mullahs.
    Police protects bothe the religious extreme and the Leftist extreme i.e; #AuratMarch the rest of progressive middle class is beaten to death.

  • I am sure Indian agents the the PMLN activists are the mastermind of this incidence to damage the Image of govt.

  • So sad to know what’s going on in Pakistan minorities are not safe

    • Actually, minorities in Pakistan are totally save. This may be personal matter other than religion. Security institute will investigate the case in depth

  • جس حرام زادے لینڈ لارڈ یا حرامی لینڈی لارڈ نے اس حرامی پنُ کا آغاز کیا اس حرام زادے کو ننگا کرکے جوتے مار کر پورے علاقے میں پھرایا جائے
    اصل مجرم وہ حر ام زادہ لینڈی لارڈ خنزیر کا بچہ ہے جس حرام زادے نے صرف اپنے اوپر دھولٗ یا مٹی گرنے پر ہمارے عیسائی بہن بھائیوں پر اس تشدد کا آغاز کیا اگر ایسے آٹھ دس حرام زادوں کو لتے کی موت مارا جائے تو کافی حد تک کمئ۔ آسکتی ہے ایسی حرام زدگیوں میں

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