Husband arrested for killing mother of his four children in Hyderabad

The news of the murder became the top trend on Twitter and many people demanded justice for the deceased woman.

Hyderabad: In a tragic and horrific incident, a woman named Quratulain Baloch Annie was tortured and brutally murdered by her husband in front of her four children.

The incident became the top trend on Twitter with hashtags #JusticeForAiny and #JusticeForQuratulain and many people demanded justice for the deceased woman.

An FIR was registered on the complaint of the victim’s brother. The police arrested the husband, Umar Khalid Memon, son of the former secretary irrigation Sindh, Khalid Haider Memon for murdering his wife.

As per details, Umar tortured Quratulain for hours, which resulted in her death on the 15th of July 2021. The victim’s brother said that her sister returned home many times during her ten years of marital life to avoid the abuse at the hands of her husband.

Furthermore, the postmortem report showed that the victim’s body was full of bruises over her face, cheek, nose, and below the chin, which were caused by pressure being applied to the mouth and nose by hand.

four children

Following this, The Additional IGP, Dr. Jamil Ahmed, tweeted, “Justice is being done in this gruesome case. The murderer has already been arrested. Nobody should have any doubts in this regard.”

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  • I was shocked to read this brutal act, but the moment I read he is the son of former secretary irrigation Sindh, I am not at all surprised, because in Sindh every Jahil , without any education is given positions with one criteria they should be Sindhi and vote for PPP, so these people are unable to handle the money and they use it to demonstrate arrogance , people judge them by their positions and monetary conditions, without knowing they are still same animals as they were before PPP brought them among civilized people handing over power to abuse.

  • پولیس نے پکڑ لیا مگر اگر جج حرامی نکلا تو
    پیسہ پھینک تماشہ دیکھ

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