Husband and wife arrested for harassing, secretly filming 45 girls

The accused couple admitted to sexually assaulting 45 girls.

In Rawalpindi, the police have arrested a couple that was involved in kidnapping, sexually abusing, blackmailing and filming unfitting videos of young girls.

Muhammad Faisal Rana, City Police Officer (CPO), stated that action was taken as soon as a complaint was registered on 3rd August by a victim, MSc student of Allama Iqbal Open University.

Qasim Jahangir and Kiran Mehmood, the accused couple admitted to sexually assaulting 45 girls, taking their pictures and filming at least 10 of the 45 victims.

As per the registered complaint, the student, who is married, was kidnapped outside of Gordon College by a woman. The woman pretended to be a student and said that her ‘brother’ was coming to pick her in some time. Later, a man arrived in a grey car and the victim was forced into the vehicle by the woman, she was also threatened with a knife to keep her from making noise and gathering attention.

The victim was then taken to a house in Gulistan Colony where she was raped by the Qasim, the husband, meanwhile, Kiran, the wife, took photos of her and recorded videos of the heinous crime. They then threatened the girl and blackmailed her by showing her the video. She was dropped on Tipu Road later at night time.

The accused confessed kidnapping, filming victims:

Source: Express Tribune


According to the filed complaint, the accused confessed to having kidnapped numerous girls from the age group of 8 to 12 years, with his wife’s assistance and subjecting them to the same crime.

The police also gathered videos and photographs from the house. Police officials revealed that the couple sold videos and photos to an international porn website.

“The wife has been sent to Adiala jail on judicial remand by the court while the husband is in police custody on physical remand” – CPO Rana added.

He also ordered the police officials to identify the accused in photos and videos and file a distinct case for every incident.

The law enforcement agency has discovered evidence from the crime scene and taken them for forensic examination.

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