Hussain Haqqani Used Quetta Church Blast To Sell His Wife’s Book And People Are Absolutely Furious About It

Losing a loved one is a tragedy that only the one who faces can understand. No amount of sympathy and condolences can ease the pain but it is our moral responsibility to at least show some respect to deceased.
But when you are blinded by the fog of selfishness, you won’t see this perspective. It takes a considerate heart to realize the worth of human life.

A similar unfortunate and insensitive behavior were witnessed by the forever controversial Hussain Haqqani that has left us all speechless.
Of course, this name is not unheard when we talk about the controversy. Every time he surprises us with his disputable and debatable statements, but this time people are REALLY infuriated.

The nation mourned as couple days back the terrorists attacked a church in Quetta leaving 9 dead and over 50 injured. This incident in itself was enough condemnable, but Hussain Haqqani cashed the tragedy and used it to convince people that they should buy his wife’s book.

His wife, Farahnaz Ispahani wrote a book ‘Purifying The Land Of The Pure’ that is written on the subject of religious minorities in Pakistan. Not only was this extremely inappropriate, but was extremely shameful as well.

Needless to say, people were not very happy with it. The least we can do is pay our regard to these brave people who lost their lives in the fight against terrorism, but unfortunately, we have normalized it and have become completely insensitive to it.
This is how people reacted to it:

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