Hypnotizing; An Unfortunate New Way Of Looting. Robbers Hypnotize Old Man In Karachi, Rob Him Of ₨. 3.5 Million

Texas uses hypnosis to investigate crimes. Dallas death row inmates say it's time to stopThieves in Karachi have found an unusual way of robbing residents and it does not require guns.

It has been revealed by various media outlets that two robbers in Karachi’s Gulshan-e-Iqbal Block 13D plundered ₨. 3.5 million from a 74-year-old citizen after ‘hypnotizing’ him.

“My father was coming back home when a man stopped him and began talking to him about his lost child,” the victim’s son, Aslam, informed the police.

“Another person standing nearby followed the conversation,” Aslam said.


“They put a piece of paper on my father’s palm and the paper turned into flames within a few seconds.”

After this, the 74-year-old went back home and gave ₨. 1 million cash and over 25 prize bonds to the robbers himself.

The police have secured the number plate of the robbers’ car with the aid of CCTV camera footage and have filed a First Information Report (FIR).


According to Samaa News, the police are currently conducting raids to arrest the ‘hypnotizing’ robbers.

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  • we can use this on our politicians and bureaucrats to make them work for our country instead of looting it

  • It’s nothing new. I took hypnosis course in karachi in 2004 and that time too there were cases of it, which usually gone under radar

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