Are ‘flying cars’ here? Hyundai planning a full lineup of aerial vehicles. Here’s all that you need to know

Hyundai has been trying to decrease the vehicles' cost and noise level to attract early customers

Hyundai Flying cars

The biggest South Korean automobile company, Hyundai Motor Group, is all set to step up its quest for flying cars. The company has been planning a full lineup of aerial vehicles that would be meandering in the skies within a decade.

The Head of Hyundai’s urban air mobility unit, Jaiwon Shin, said, “The firm has been producing designs that will carry five to six people within city areas and a larger version to fly between cities.  The aerial vehicles are expected to enter the market in 2028.”

Earlier this year, Hyundai displayed its flying-car concept, developed at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The company has been looking for pilots from various service providers, such as Uber.

Hyundai Flying cars

Mr. Shin said some flying cars might debut as early as 2023, but Hyundai is targeting the year 2028 when more enhanced infrastructure has been formulated, and public awareness is higher. Hyundai has been trying to decrease the vehicles’ cost and noise level to attract early customers while keeping safety a key focus.

Boeing Co., Airbus SE, and startups such as Lilium are among Hyundai’s competition. “We are different from other manufacturers that see only one aspect of the market,” Shin said.

Automakers also have the edge over plane makers because of their mass-production skills, Shin said. Typically, Airbus and Boeing each manufacture less than 1,000 aircraft a year, while carmakers can make millions. Assembling of aerial vehicles is likely to be in the hundreds of thousands, he said.

“We do not want to be the first to the market,” Shin said. “We want to be the first with the right product.

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