‘I Believe In Abdul Sattar Edhi’s Ideology’ – Meet Karachi’s Rickshaw Driver Who Is A Light Of Hope

If there is anything that is holding this dark, insensitive world together – is love and compassion. Every little act of kindness we perform every day, consciously and unconsciously, helps makes this world a little brighter and better.

If you don’t think your individual acts have such an impact, surely this story will make you realise it and will bring a smile to your face.

Shared by a Facebook page ACT YOUTH FORCE, a platform dedicated to inspiring youth and revolutionizing their thought process. A student of NED university Karachi named Kamran Sakrani shared his experience with a rickshaw driver named Abdus Salam, whom she encountered while looking for a ride to go back.

Disappointed by high fares everyone else was charging due to it being the peak hour, he came across this angel who was charging even less than the average rate. The student had to go from Jama cloth area to NED University, Saddar. While all the other rickshaw drivers demanded over 200 for 70 Rs fare journey, this nobleman only asked for Rs 50!

Pleasantly surprised by it, Abdus Salam told that driving rickshaw is a very noble job for him since he gets a chance to serve so many people. He told that his sons have jobs and earn, so they fulfil the home expenses. But this job provides him with an opportunity to serve humanity and fulfil Abdul Sattar Edhi’s ideology.
He says he never overcharges from students since they are the future of the country and he wants to serve them. He added that he uses every opportunity to serve the helpless and in need. Here is how the heart-warming story was shared by the narrator:

People like him are hope and living examples of compassion. The impact it had on the heart of the student and all of us show the influence we can create by little acts of love and kindness towards each other.

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