“I Too Want To Build A Dam ; A Dam Against Fake Cases, Against Pending Cases”: Twitter Community Welcomes Justice Khosa

As the nation bids farewell to Chief Justice Saqib Nisar and his memorable, legendary era, Chief Justice-designate Asif Saeed Khosa’s bold statements have inspired new hope. Touching significant and necessary aspects, Justice Khosa said that he wants to build a dam as well, but that dam will be built against fake and pending cases. Justice Khosa said that all efforts will be made to strengthen the institution and quick disposal of justice.

He added that army and intelligence agencies should not interfere in civilian matters. He added that top court will use suo moto sparingly, on matters of great national importance only.

“The authority to take suo motu action will only be used sparingly and for significant national matters,” – he said. He also added that the top court would set up parameters for suo motu powers.

Hailing the contributions of the outgoing Chief Justice, Justice Khosa said that Saqib Nisar faced many challenges, political and societal in nature, and headed the judiciary in “very difficult circumstances”. He said that Nisar’s humanitarian efforts will be remembered.

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However, he said that supremacy of a civilian institution should not be undermined and no other factors will be allowed to influence the judicial processes.

“When has the judiciary interfered in other institutions? A legislative body’s work pertains to enforcing the law and not raising development funds. Transfers and postings also do not fall under our jurisdiction.”

Speaking on the missing persons issue, Justice Khosa said that it is time to call spade a spade and should not repeat mistakes of the past. He said that he has Baloch blood in his veins and he will fight for their rights till the last breath. 

Justice Khosa’s address at full court reference for CJP has inspired new hope in people, who look forward to seeing an era of exemplary justice and judicial reforms. Here is how the people are welcoming him:


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