‘I want a liberal Pakistan’, Ahsan Mohsin Ikram defends wife’s dressing in latest photos

Ahsan Mohsin Ikram had a perfect response for the troll.

Minal Khan and Ahsan Mohsin IkramMinal Khan and Ahsan Mohsin Ikram have yet again become the target of online trolling after they uploaded more pictures from their honeymoon.

The couple took to Instagram to share pictures from the 5.8 Undersea Restaurant, the largest all-glass underwater restaurant in the world. Minal Khan and Ahsan Mohsin Ikram can be seen spending some quality time together.

“I don’t know where you’ve come from into my life but now that you’re here I never want you to leave and I will make sure you never do,” Ahsan Mohsin captioned one of the pictures.

Fans started showering love on the couple but as usual trolls were also there to try and spoil the fun. However, Ahsan Mohsin wasn’t going to hold back and he gave a befitting response.

An Instagram user raised questions over the dressing of Minal Khan but Ahsan Mohsin knew exactly how to respond.

“Sorry to burst your bubble but I dream of a liberal Pakistan,” he replied. The actor went on to add that he dreams of a Pakistan “where women are allowed to make their own decisions and are not controlled by their husbands, brothers or fathers.”

“My job is to guide, never dictate,” he concluded.

Another troll wished death on the couple. Replying to her, Ahsan Mohsin wrote, “so sad to see such a comment in between such positive comments, this can happen to you and your family. I hope you and your mind get well soon.”

After spending time in Maldives, the newly wed couple has arrived in Dubai. They were spotted at the Nusr-Et Steakhouse, Dubai.

Here are some pictures from their time in Dubai:

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  • it is impossible for Pakistan to become a ‘liberal’ country. Just go for a drive outside DHA or Model Town

  • Liberal does not mean you strip your clothes and be vulgar. It means you are more forgiving, more tolerant which is exactly what Islam teaches us. So keep your delusional ideas somewhere else.

  • The country is excellent, just some losers and illiterate have learned how to use some gadgets and blend in the society. They have no class, no morals, and no knowledge. So just don’t worry and carry on. They call all the west KAFIR, they call a girl in skirt FAHASH, a westerner who drinks one peg of wine during dinner. They will never see what they themselves are doing, they do not know the meaning of Kufar, they don’t know what is kafir. The day they get sincere from themselves they will learn KUFAR is the action, an action that you are warned not to do in your religion and if you still do it becomes KUFAR. And they are doing one KUFAR every hour of their life, but they think because they have said KALIMA there is nothing that can become KUFAR if they do.
    SO let them rot in the misurable life and move forward.

  • “I want a liberal pakistan”…. what does that even mean? Either you want an Islamic Pakistan or unIslamic pakistan–thats all. These are the only two categories available. If you say that your wife can wear whatever she wants, then you clearly want an unIslamic Pakistan because such an argument goes against the teachings of Islam. Shaitan has definitely made you forgotten about afterlife accountability where Allah SWT will judge us and decide our fate. Dont sell your soul for few fleeting moments of joy in this world. Come back to Islam because that is where your IZZAT is.

  • I totally reject THIS cheapster skirt wearing images, nevertheless I know many Pakistanis who wear skirt but DO NOT PROMOTE anti-state statements or make BIG DEAL? Its as if she awoken wear a skirt 1st time and got a huge revealation being a cheap person wearing a skirt?

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