”I was blindfolded, I always heard a different voice call my name”, Dua Mangi

The FIR names at least four unidentified persons.

Dua Mangi recorded her statement with the police on Tuesday, saying that she was unable to see the faces of the kidnappers as she was blindfolded.

A couple of weeks ago, Dua was kidnapped from Karachi’s Bukhari Commercial. She stated that she was strolling outside a tea hotel with Haris, her friend, when she was seized by two people and forcefully pulled into the car.

According to Dua, she heard loud noises and shots getting fired simultaneously. She said that she could not see anything the entire time because her abductors had blindfolded her.

Dua revealed to the police that she was unaware of the time she spent in the car and the kidnappers changed the cars thrice. She could not identify her abductors’ voice as every time she was served food, she heard a different person saying her name.

According to the investigation team, no new information has been disclosed by Dua’s statement. Officers from agencies other than police are also part of the inquiry team.

Mangi and her friend Soomro were walking towards home when Dua was abducted while her friend was shot. He was taken to a private hospital for treatment. He is still in critical condition. The FIR names at least four unidentified persons.

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