‘I was harassed, stalked for two years’, Jemima Goldsmith opens up about her harassment experience

"Uber should have a female driver service," Jemima


Recently, Prime Minister Imran Khan’s ex-wife and film producer, Jemima Goldsmith, revealed that she was harassed and stalked by a cab driver for two years.

While responding to a tweet by British author Jojo Moyes on women’s ingrained fear, Jemima wrote that she feels terrified driving in an Uber because a cab driver once stalked her for almost two years.

“For those people who are lucky enough to be able to afford an Uber or cab when too scared to walk – that’s not always safe either,” tweeted Jemima, adding, “I had a cab driver stalker who harassed me for two years.”

“How many times have you felt scared with a male driver?” she questioned. The film producer also suggested that “Uber should have a female driver service.”

Jemima is a British film, documentary, and television producer. She has currently been working on a movie called “What’s Love Got To Do With It,” featuring Sajal, Shabana, Emma Thompson, Lily James, and Shazad Latif in important roles.

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  • feel sorry to hear it.
    Desi liberals should come forward to say the driver must be a molvi 😀
    angrez to harasser ho hi nahe skte.

  • How could a cab driver harass her for two years? Why would she drive with him again and again for such a long time?

    • Agree , she is divorced long time now but still a holy cow for PTI jiyalas. She is back to where she belonged to and breeding in her culture as they do.

    • Must be some thing gone wrong in the translation. Like 2 years ago a cab driver harassed her turned out like she was harassed by a cab driver for two years.

  • Lots of nuts everywhere, society in every culture and county must ensure safety and respect and invasion of privacy . Always love Jemima for her hard work and entrepreneurship and philanthropy which she seldom shares often hidden in pseudonyms names and… I feel only true love of IK 🙁

  • Actually it was a paki British man trying larki patane ka desi nuskha on her. Following her everywhere and giving smiles. She then reported to police and was caught. I read it few years back

    • Yes, Alot of the jahil Pakistani’s on here don’t know what stalking means. She was stalked for 2 years meaning he was following here around or just parking up near her house watching, etc. Very serious and dangerous stuff.

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