“I was mocked and insulted by Shaveed Jaffery and Ahad Raza Mir,” says influencer Rida Amjad

A video recently went viral on social media showcasing actor Ahad Raza Mir and vlogger Shahveer Jaffery dining with several female celebrities at an event. Digital influencer Rida Amjad and Sinf-e-Aahan famed actress Dananeer Mobeen are also sitting at the table. The group is seen engaging in a polite conversation about PSL.

Here’s the viral video of Shahveer Jaffery and Ahad Raza Mir dining with Rida Amjad and Dananeer Mobeen:


The dinner seemed to be going okay (judging by the short video); however, influencer Rida Amjad claims otherwise. It all started when followers asked the influencer about her experience of meeting celebrities like Ahad Raza Mir and Shahveer Jaffery at an event. The social media star shared:

Sitting at this table was the worst decision since Shahveer and Ahad made sure I felt properly insulted and embarrassed by their indirect jokes and mockery. All of this was because I was trying to engage in a casual conversation with them. God, these so-called celebrities are full of arrogance, unable to respect anyone.

Following the dining incident, Rida Amjad took to her Instagram story to play a little game of TBH (To-Be-Honest) with her fans and followers. When a fan asked the influencer to share her thoughts about Ahad Raza Mir, the influencer described Ahad’s personality with unpleasant words and said:

Disrespectful and Awkward

Rida Amjad claimed that Ahad Raza Mir was highly disrespectful towards her. She shared that he had his legs in the direction of his manager to avoid any conversation with others, which made the encounter very awkward.

After Rida Amjad highlighted the issue on social media, many netizens stepped forward to agree with her and shared their experiences interacting with the two male celebrities as well:

Some social media users came forward to Ahad Raza Mir and Shahveer Jaffery’s defense by stating that Rida Amjad is just trying to seek attention:

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