#IamSalahuddin: People pose in front of ATM to show solidarity

The inertness of authorities and the silence of Punjab's Chief Minister Usman Buzdar has irked the social media community


”Police tortured my disabled son to death”, says Salahuddin’s father, as he leaves a question for all of us to answer. Salahuddin Ayubi’s custodial killing has shaken our conscience, once again, till it goes back to sleep again.

His video, sticking tongue out to the CCTV camera, went viral across social media. His cheeky act was shared in a humorous manner, which later got him arrested on August 30th. However, the Punjab police’s conventional interrogation style killed him, who, as his father verifies, was also mentally disabled.

“My son had been suffering from mental illness since childhood,” Afzaal said. He said Salahuddin was admitted to a mental institute in Chaman for a year and a half but there was no improvement in his health. “We had written our house address on his arm, because his mind didn’t work properly,” deceased’s father Afzaal said while speaking to SAMAA Tv.

“The skin inside his right arm was burnt, either with electrocution or iron and there were big wounds on his left arm, which had been stitched up,” the grieving father added, saying the physical assault became the cause of Salahuddin’s death.

“One of his eyes was black and swollen, his hands and fingers were discoloured, like they have been tied with ropes,”

The main suspects included in victim’s custodial death are City A-Division’s SHO Mehmoodul Hassan and investigation officers Sub-Inspector Shafaat Ali and Assistant Sub-Inspector Matloob Hussain. Other than that, the policemen who were on duty when Salahuddin died have also been named in the FIR.

The inertness of authorities and the silence of Punjab’s Chief Minister Usman Buzdar has irked the social media community, who have taken to social media, taking pictures posing like Salahudin to record their protest.


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