Historic Rival Ian Botham Praises Imran Khan That Surprises His Fans!

The news has gone viral on Twitter with tweets ranging from amazement to disbelief. Ian Botham’s fans are shocked.

Imran Khan has always been charismatic. Now that he’s leading an entire nation at 67 years of age, his charisma has only blossomed.

Although, people have differing opinions about him as a politician, Imran Khan as a cricketer was the heartthrob of the nation. He left his mark wherever he went. Owing to that, many aspiring cricketers still look up to him as a role model and aim to emulate him (on and off the cricket field).

Even to this day, Imran Khan’s co-players, opposing players, and players of all other cricket teams speak very highly of him.

Ian Botham, a legendary England all-rounder, is another admirer of Imran’s charismatic leadership. In an online session hosted by Playwright Foundation, he regarded Imran as an all-round cricket player.

It’s a huge compliment for Imran (coming from Ian Botham), as, during their cricket playing days, they were all fan favorites and arch rivals. The fan-favorites list included players like India’s Kapil Dev and New Zealand’s Richard Hadlee, but Ian still maintains the view that Imran Khan was the ‘most charismatic of us all’.

This makes it even bigger news, as Ian Botham is generally conservative and often voices only a controversial statement against other cricketers. Also for the fact that they had a bad blood and he has lost a lawsuit against Khan back in the days.

The news has gone viral on Twitter with tweets ranging from amazement to disbelief. Ian Botham’s fans are shocked.

During the session, he further revealed that he feels privileged to have played with Imran, Hadlee, and Kapil. When asked about reflecting on his career, he had only one thing to say, “The game hasn’t seen as many great all-rounders as during my time. We were all legendary cricketers, hence there used to be great rivalries amongst us.”

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  • Imran khan leadership in totality

    1.hire ppl to search and post these kind of news (twitter etc) to appease his narcist nature.

    2. called his media team to malinge others

    3. listen to flattery of hand picked scumbs

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  • What does it matter 25, 30 years after their retirement? The report is just plain stupid, trying desperately to create an angle of sensationalism with repeated use of words like shocked, disbelief, amazed blah blah

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