I’d Still Give it Out: Ian Gould Opens Up About Sachin Tendulkar’s Controversial LBW Review in World Cup 2011

He also narrated a hilarious incident when the umpire Nigel Llong wrongly gave Sachin out in India once.

Although Pakistan has dominated India in the overall cricket games played between the two arch-rivals, the men in green have never been able to defeat India in a world cup match.

The world cup semi-final in 2011 was another one of those encounters where Pakistani batsmen failed to perform.

Furthermore, Pakistani fielders dropped Sachin Tendulkar multiple times, who then went on to score over 80 runs. A controversial lbw review in favor of Sachin Tendulkar also added to the woes of the Pakistani team.

Umpire Ian Gould, who gave Sachin out, was as shocked as the Pakistani fans when he saw the ball missed the leg stump.

Talking about the controversial decision, Ian Gould said that he would still give it out.

“When I gave Sachin out at Mohali, I’m thinking this is out. I will sit here and guarantee you, if I see it again, I’d still give it out, simple as that,” he said.

He continued, “When the ball hit the pad, all I saw was a quicker ball from Ajmal and it thudded into the pads and went to square leg. For me it was just, Right, he’s out. Sorry, you’re out. I don’t care who you are, Sachin or anybody else, you’re out.”

 “My problem was the disbelief of that ball missing leg-stump. In my mind it was one of those straightforward ones, gone. Then you get the feeling ‘Oh this is Sachin, it could take a while,” he further added.

He also narrated a hilarious incident when the umpire Nigel Llong wrongly gave Sachin out in India once. He said that Nigel Llong told him that he was frightened to go through the airport and had to ask an armed guard to get him through.

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  • India dominates n’ dictate ICC and Sachin is India’s god so how is it possible to give god out. Very bad umpiring in that particular match.

  • Sachin was surely out and DRS was corrupted by the people on that day. Pakistani players or at least some of them have always sold their soul to the big money Indian bookies. This is the only reason that they for a long period could win about 70% of the matches against India but not ever in a world cup.

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