ICJ announces the final verdict on Kulbhushan Jadhav Case, Twitter reacts

  • ICJ rejects India’s plea for the acquittal of Kabhoshan Jadhav.
  • The tribunal has asked for the effective review and reconsideration of the conviction.
  • International Justice court grants consular access to the Indian spy agent.
  • The decision is largely of diplomatic nature as both the states are in a win-win situation.
  • Kalbhoshan_Jadhav_verdict_ICJ
    ICJ grants consular access to Jadhav but denies his repatriation in a diplomatic verdict as of today – photo courtesy Aljazeera.

International Court of Justice is an international legal body based in Hague which is the principal organ of the UN as well. Kalbhoshan Jhadav has the status of convicted criminal here in Pakistan whereas India claims that he was kidnapped from Iran where he used to do business. He was arrested back in 2016 and he himself confessed being an agent of RAW and serving in India’s military.

In earlier proceedings of the court, the ICJ denied Pakistan’s stance which was based on the argument that the international legal body has no jurisdiction over the matter.

In today’s verdict, ICJ rejected India’s plea on Pakistan’s military courts and granted consular access to Kalbhoshan Jadhav. ICJ also admitted that Jadhav is a spy and disagreed with India’s demand for transferring the court to another court. The court also denied the acquittal of Kalbhoshan Jadhav and his repatriation to India.

“Nothing surprising about the ICJ verdict. I don’t consider it a victory for either Pakistan or India. Jadhav remains in Pakistan’s custody, and India wants consular access, something I think should be awarded to all prisoners in a foreign land, notwithstanding the allegations,” says Mehr Tarrar.

Pakistan’s delegation at the International legal body is represented by Attorney General Anwar Masood Khan and Spokesperson of the Foreign Office of the country. In a relief to India, the ICJ has asked Pakistan to review its conviction and sentencing of Indian spy Kalbhoshan Jadhav. ICJ has deliberately asked Pakistan to review its death sentence effectively.

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Who do you think got an upper hand into the announcement of Jadhav’s verdict as both the countries are claiming their victory? Do you think that the decision is of diplomatic nature favoring both the parties of the dispute?

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