Iconic Rome’s Colosseum Lit Red To Protest Against Abuse Of Blasphemy Laws Of Pakistan

Manipulation and using blasphemy laws to pursue personal and political interest is a common sight in Pakistan. Unfortunately, the laws that are the prime motive of protecting Muslim sentiments turned into a weapon that is used against minorities.
Although, sometimes in the form of personal accusations and others violent mobs, Pakistan has seen the worst of human behaviour wearing the veil of blasphemy. The misusage of laws started getting a reaction on the international platforms as well, especially after the case of Asia Bibi, that not only started a debate on international & national media but also led to murder of politicians that tried to speak on her behalf.

Further, the endorsement of the murders made it evident that the issue is rather sensitive and is being used at the hands of extremists. Rome’s iconic coliseum was lit red this Saturday in solidarity with the prosecuted Christians and to protest against blasphemy laws of Pakistan. Hundreds of people gathered outside Roman amphitheater to show their rejection of death under the name of blasphemy in Pakistan.
Husband of Asia Bibi also spoke to the gathering, saying that his wife was innocent. He further said that the problem for Christians in Pakistan is that they are considered impure and not equals.

Apart from that, active human rights groups like Amnesty International expressed the same reservations saying that blasphemy laws in Pakistan are increasingly exploited by extremists and ordinary people to settle ‘personal scores’ (Source: Reuters).

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