If Nothing Is Done Urgently, Pakistan Might Lose War Against Climate Change

The last few months in Pakistan have pressed for the extreme need of recognizing the monster we are facing and are turning a blind eye to i.e climate change.

What is clearly being dubbed as the hottest summer Pakistan has ever seen, major cities in the country continued to swelter in the heat wave for the fourth consecutive year while no significant effort was made to fight the repeatedly occurring challenge.

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However, if nothing is done now on an urgent basis, Pakistan might lose its war against climate change. Though the entire world is facing the issue, due to lack of funds, deforestation and it doing down on the priorities list, developing countries like Pakistan are likely to face to face the brunt of the crisis.

ADB Climate Change profile of Pakistan shows that some measures have been taken using the limited domestic resources but still huge funding is required to undertake research on the subject and proceed for sustainable solutions.

Pakistan’s NDCs (Nationally Determined Contribution) as submitted to 2015 Paris Agreement, has made the goal to reduce about 20 per cent of its 2030 projected GHG emissions, making use of international grants for adaptation and mitigation of around $40 billion.

GIS analyst and environmental engineer Sidra Adil say that if the things continue to go as they are, Pakistan will keep on facing the extreme challenges.

“It is very important for temperatures to remain below 1.5 degrees because natural extreme weather events are going to become the norm — especially in Pakistan and other mid-latitude countries’’ – she said.

As per the statistics, Pakistan has suffered 141 extreme weather events between the year 1997 and 2016 and claims 523.1 lives per year. The situation can be well-reflected and provided the glimpse of 2010’s ‘super-flood’, which killed about 1600 people, affected an area of 38,600 square kilometres and caused a financial loss of $10 billion.

In the year 2015, the heat wave in Karachi took lives of 1200 people. As per ABD’s Climate Change profile of Pakistan, the sea level is predicted to be rise by an additional 60 centimetres by the end of this century. Melting glaciers and water scarcity will greatly impact the agricultural income of the country, which will cause a great loss.

Imran Khan is planning to launch 10 Billion Tree plantation drive to fight the climate change and weather challenges. Like the campaign gained immense success in KPK, we are hopeful it will minimize the crisis on the national level as well.

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