‘If you are experiencing a sudden loss of sense of smell and taste, you can be a hidden carrier of COVID-19’

The conclusions were drawn by researches from rhinologists in the UK.

According to rhinologists in the UK, sudden loss of smell could also be an indication of coronavirus even if there are no other symptoms.

In Italy, China and South Korea, one-third of coronavirus patients also reported experiencing hyposmia or anosmia, also known as loss of smell.

A sizeable fraction of patients also reported a loss of taste, without the more commonly recognized symptoms of fever and cough. According to reports, there has been a growing number of patients with anosmia in the absence of other symptoms. Iran also reported an increase in cases of isolated anosmia.

The lack of other symptoms in these cases means patients are highly unlikely to be isolated and tested, meaning they could contribute to the rapid spread of the disease worldwide.

Younger patients, in particular, may not show any other symptoms but demonstrate a loss of smell or taste. So, it is advised for patients who aren’t experiencing cough and fever but the loss of sense of smell and taste to get tested.

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