If You Were Planning To Watch New Indian Movies On Eid, We Have A Bad News For You!

The Federal government of Pakistan has declared a formal ban on Indian movies on the holy and auspicious day of Eid. According to the released statement, no Indian film will be shown on the big screen on Eid ul Fitr as well as Eid ul Azha. This has been done ‘in order to revive and promote the local film industry in Pakistan’.

Although this isn’t a permanent ban and the movies can still be aired before and after eid, this specific time period when people usually turn to cinemas to enjoy holidays and enjoy with families will be solely dedicated to Pakistani movies. An official from Pakistan Film Exhibitors’ Association confirmed that they received the notification.
“The notification says that the temporary ban is being imposed in order to promote local movies on the festivals, a time when usual than the larger audience is attracted towards cinemas”

Just recently prominent Pakistani actors gathered in front of the apex court to protest against international content taking most of the broadcasting space on channels. The actors, which included Faisal Qureshi, Aijaz Aslam, Adnan Siddiqui and Samina Ahmed, insisted that there should be a properly defined 10% quota for the international content. The actors pointed out that not only is our domestic industry getting affected by it, but related professions like technicians and facilitators are also unemployed due to excessive attention towards the foreign content.

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