Iffat Umer’s Appeal To Chief Justice To Punish Those Who Slandered Her Repute – Does It Show Increased Confidence On Courts?

It’s an established fact that great fame amplifies your influence, but at the same time makes you more vulnerable as there an image that you constantly have to keep up with and maintain. Showbiz industry has its dark side that is often covered by glitz and glamour but the shadow makes it through the light every now and then. Iffat Umer, one of the known faces of Pakistan’s model industry, has shared her horrific experience and how it impacted her physically and mentally.

The most important part of her video message is that she specifically requested chief justice of Pakistan to look into her case which depicts an obvious increase in confidence on the court that was previously lost. She tells how a TV channel assassinated her character and slandered her repute, pushing her to the verge of suicide. The entire experience was mentally and emotionally very draining for her but the worst part about it was how it impacted her social connections as she couldn’t even face her own family members.


She mentions that she made this video after thinking for a long time and the reason that motivated her to do this was the confidence on Chief Justice’s personal enquiry that has inspired hope in people after his role in Zainab’s murder case and Shahid Masood’s story.
Later, her video was mentioned by Rauf Klasra, who couldn’t clearly understand what she was trying to say but speculated that she will write about it to CJ Saqib Nisar in detail.


Iffat then made another short video thanking Klasra for helping her raise her voice and clarified that the reason isn’t to gain any cheap publicity but to make sure that the impact and suffering she faced are accounted for and the responsible individuals are punished.


As she mentions that the culprits have their affiliation with a powerful media group she wants them to be punished and be made an example out of.

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