Terminated IIUI Professor Dr. Shehzad Ashraf Named Among World’s Top 2% Scientists

Dr. Shehzad Ashraf is currently serving as Associate Professor at Istanbul Gelisim University of Turkey.

In a proud moment for Pakistan, 81 researchers of Pakistani universities have been named among Stanford’s World’s Top 2% scientists. The list also includes two former faculty members of International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI), Dr. Shehzad Ashraf and Dr. Ali Daud.

Both researchers were working in the computer science department and left the university after a disagreement with the management. They later joined foreign institutions.

Dr. Shehzad, who was performing his duty as Assistant Professor at the Computer Science Department, was terminated by the IIUI administration back in August 2018 after the university alleged that he had defamed the university.

However, Dr. Shehzad said that he only expressed his concerns as the institute awarded the degree to the son of the president of the university who had rarely attended classes.  In the same year, he also won the Research Productivity Award from Pakistan Council for Science and Technology.

“After winning that award, the internal rivalry started against me and my negative ACRs were given to damage my career,” said Shehzad, while speaking to The Nation.

Dr. Shehzad Ashraf is currently serving as Associate Professor at Istanbul Gelisim University of Turkey.

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  • This person was mafia at iiui he promoted in 2015 when he was not Phd to assistant professor while rejecting other 70+ Phd applicants. Later he was involved in fake media compaigns against univ and univ higher ups.
    He was supervising fake thesis of 43 students at a time when only 7-stfuent per faculty member were allowed, to make money.

    He was involved in passing jamiat students who stand with him against univ illegally. There are dozens of evidenced against him and thrn he was terminated.

    Based on dozens of students , he produced fake thesis on same topic and got it published using text spinning softwares and other male practices

  • Nothing new under Pakistani culture. Remember Maryam Nawaz and the principle of FC college. The concern president should have been punished and the son should have been expelled from
    the university. I do not live here ,even then i know the fellow colleague has some part in his dismissal. TC zindabad.

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