Is the furniture giant IKEA coming to Pakistan or not?

The official claimed that there was no development, not even at the initial stage, regarding investment by IKEA.

IKEA store in Jacksonville.

The Pakistani Ambassador to Germany, Dr. Mohammad Faisal, has claimed that IKEA, a multinational conglomerate is coming to Pakistan.

Dr. Faisal tweeted on Thursday, “The world-famous furniture retail company, IKEA, will enter the Pakistani markets in the next few months.”

However, soon after the news was announced in the media, the ambassador deleted his tweet and did not respond to questions sent to him regarding the development.

Sources have revealed that relevant ministries in the country were also unaware of the development. Officials at the Board of Investment- Pakistan’s investment promotion agency mandated to promote and facilitate both local and foreign investment was also unaware of the development.

The official claimed that there was no development, not even at the initial stage, regarding investment by IKEA.

Similarly, the Ministry of Commerce and officials at both the offices of the adviser to the Prime Minister on commerce and investment, and secretary commerce, were also unaware of the development.

The official spokesperson at the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan said the commission received no application for the company’s registration.

However, the SECP’s website shows the registration of a company IKEA TRADING (HONG KONG) LIMITED, in 2006, at CRO Karachi. According to the SECP’s record, another firm named IKEA SUPPLY AG SWITZERLAND was registered in Karachi in 2015.

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  • It will be v expensive choice for Pakistanis given that we already have excellent quality wooden furniture SMEs, the only difference it can bring is DESIGNING so ppl and vendor will just visit Ikea to get the design ideas n then will use cheap vendor to replicate. Ikea wont be be success story in Pakistan.

  • IKEA is very expensive Outlet they can get success in posh areas only. I stay middle east i know to buy from IKEA is ten time more price rather than from general shop.

  • Like Pizza Hut, Mac Donald etc etc are expensive food, whi h 50% of our population cannot afford, but these franchise food working very good in pakistan. So, IKEA can also enter in Pakistan with cheap and expensive furniture’s and items.

  • ائیکیا کا فرنیچر اس ملک میں دو دن نہیں چل سکتا۔

    ڈنگر قوم منجیاں بھی چار دن میں توڑ دیتے ہیں۔


  • It’s hype that IKEA is expensive. An extention cable at IKEA in 10kr. Which is mad 180rs Pakistani but same quality cable isn’t offered in Pakistan even in 1000rs. The one I bought in bahria for 280rs was so cheap in standard then when using all ports in burned even it seemed very poor built quality. IKEA on other hand offer like 3d.printed cable. You won’t find a loose end somewhere it’s rock solid and very well built. IKEA furnitures are cheaper alternativea. We go to bohus for expensive furniture IKEA is kinda cheap fix but. Now. They offer. Different price ranges so it would be best fit for Pakistan

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