Imam Masjid from Lahore arrested for sexually abusing his step daughters for ‘eight months’ [VIDEO]

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Imam Masjid

In a horrific incident of sexual abuse, Imam Masjid, Yunus Butt, from Lahore arrested for sexually abusing his two stepdaughters.

According to details, a 14-year-old girl, Fatima, alleged that her stepfather has repeatedly raped her for the past eight months. The victim said that her mother had married Yunas Butt five years ago after her father’s death.

Speaking to a source, Fatima said, “My stepfather repeatedly raped me for the past eight months. He threatened me with dire consequences if I talked to my mother.”

Fatima further went on to say that she told her mother about the offensive act when she saw her stepfather tried to sexually abuse her younger sister, 12-year-old Mariyam.

After the girls’ mother came to know about the gruesome act of her husband, she filed a case against Imam Masjid.

Following this, the Police arrested the suspect and registered a case against him.

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