Immigration staff to present chocolates to the passengers on their arrival

Sajid Hussain, Deputy Director FIA (immigration) has recently directed the staff members of IIA to take strict care of their uniforms

Staff members of IIA (Islamabad International Airport) have been reported to be discourteous and discouraging by many. As a result, the FIA (Federal Investigation Agency) has directed the staff members to be courteous with passengers.

Sajid Hussain, Deputy Director FIA (immigration) has recently directed the staff members of IIA to take strict care of their uniforms. He said, “Both the assistant directors shall put on lounge suits during their working hours.”

It was further directed to greet every passenger with ‘good evening,’ ‘good morning,’ and ‘Assalamu Alaikum.’ After completing all the legal formalities, the passengers should be greeted with ‘thank you.’ Additionally, he has strictly directed not to misbehave with any passenger in any case.

Furthermore, as per the orders, the passengers would now be provided with dessert-like chocolate as a caring gesture at the arrival.

The immigration officers are allowed to practice their legal powers in case a passenger misbehaves or if any of their documents are found doubtful or bogus.

The deputy director has mentioned, “Any misbehavior with the passengers shall not be allowed at any cost and strict disciplinary proceedings will be initiated against the delinquent officer.”

The immigration staff has been warned that in case of any violation of the given orders, the staff would be held questionable.

Apart from that, new surveillance systems have been installed in the offices, lock-up rooms as well as the powder rooms in order to monitor the activities of the staff.

Moreover, the administration is making efforts to end the VIP culture at the airport. They’ve ordered the staff to make one queue for everyone. Nevertheless, ambassadors, as well as diplomats, would be catered separately at a different counter.

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  • Shows the stupidity and mediocre mindset of decision makers. Pakistani society in general sees material handouts as a replacement of professional responsibility. Spend money on proper training and over watch of immigration officers instead of handing out chocolates to passengers.

    • This is true. Money should be spent on training . Now they would show so much money was spent on chocolates, and add that to their pocket. These people are just useful in finding loop holes to put money in their pockets

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