‘Raqs e Bismil 2’: Imran Ashraf shares misleading edited clickbait thumbnails [PICTURES]

The drama ended on a positive note for the show's followers, with Zohra and Moosa finally embracing each other's love.


Imran Ashraf is known as one of the finest actors in the Pakistani television industry. Recently, the actor shared humorous and misleading clickbait thumbnails of his blockbuster drama Raqs-e-Bismil.

Imran took to Twitter and shared a hilarious thumbnail in which a YouTube channel unveiled the ‘supposed’ season 2’s fragment featuring Zohra (Sarah Khan) with a child and Moosa (Imran Ashraf) by her side.

He added a funny caption, “Is bhai ne to bana bhi diya”

Earlier, Imran shared a fake thumbnail about the teaser of Raqs-e-Bismil’s last episode, which hinted that his character, Moosa, will die in the end.

Drama serial Raqs-e-Bismil ended last week with an outstanding ending. It concluded on a positive note for the show’s followers, with Zohra and Moosa finally embracing each other’s love.

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