Imran Ismail violates social distancing protocols – once again!

The Governor’s visit was to endorse sporting activities; however, he might have contributed to the spread of the virus in an underdeveloped area.


Despite the Federal government advising people to follow preventive measures amid rising COVID-19 cases, Governor Sindh, Imran Ismail, went to Lyari over the weekend, defying the social distancing SOPs.

The Governor visited Lyari to distribute sports articles, including cricket kits, boxing gloves, and footballs among the youth of the area.

Massive Crowd:

During his visit, Imran Ismail was seen with a massive crowd with virtually no social distancing, face masks, and gloves.

The Governor’s visit was to endorse sporting activities; however, he might have contributed to the spread of the virus in an underdeveloped area.

This is not the first time Ismael has blatantly disregarded social distancing SOPs. In late April, the Governor tested positive for COVID-19 after visiting interior Sindh to meet the elderly.

Instead of admitting his mistake, the Governor blamed people the area and said, “The people of Interior Sindh have not been instructed about the Coronavirus. During my visit, they came close to me due to which I contracted the contagious disease.”

Romanian PM fined for smoking indoors

While Pakistani politicians are showing complete disregard for the SOPs in public, the Romanian Prime Minister, Ludovic Orban, has been penalized $600 for smoking indoors while not adhering to social distancing rules amid the pandemic.

According to reports, Orban had invited some cabinet members and friends to celebrate his 57th birthday on May the 25th. However, a picture of the PM having a good time with friends went viral on social media, attracting criticism from all around.

A statement published from the office of the Romanian PM read, “The Prime Minister knows all citizens, regardless of their position, must obey rules. If the law is broken, then penalties must be imposed. The PM is willing to pay the fine for smoking indoors, which has been banned in the country since 2016.”

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    Chief Minister (15k + posts)

    How can we criticize Governor Imran Ismail who is appointed by PMIK on his qualification being highly educated with matriculation degree?

    Senator (1k + posts)

    Jaahil da puttar. I think we need a major overhaul where all these constituency politicians are thrown out and technocrats are brought in after being vetted by our agencies. We need brains rather than these shodabaz.

    Minister (4k + posts)

    I do not understand why we need a Governor at all, just not kick him out, abolish the post of Governor…. Let all Chief Ministers report to President, where President being the symbol of Federation.

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