Imran Ismail FINALLY Unveiled The Surprise, and We Are Loving It!

PTI’s leader Imran Ismail recently came into the limelight after his intriguing series of tweets. In his tweets, he mentioned that he is about to announce a ‘surprise’.
His tweet was met with an overwhelming response. People came up with their guesses, mostly said that he is about to say goodbye to PTI.

He then tweeted a picture of him, saying that he will unveil the surprise soon. However, in the picture, his posture and appearance resembled a lot to Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto.

His incredible resemblance with the pioneer of Pakistan People’s Party further strengthened people’s belief that this ‘surprise’ is basically his departure from PTI to PPP.

Just when we were scratching our heads brainstorming what it might be, Imran Ismail clarified all the doubts in another video on his twitter account.

In the video, Imran clearly said that the speculations about him leaving PTI are baseless. He further showed his strong affiliation with PTI, saying that he is one of the founding members of the party and it runs in his blood.
Shedding some light on the ‘surprise’, he said that it is something he has been wanting to do for a long time. In his video message, he looked very excited.
He also said that it hasn’t still been dished out on social media because they are in the process of refining it more and adding a touch of creativity.

But now, the wait is finally over!

Imran Ismail finally unveiled the long-awaited surprise that we all had our eyes fixed on.
And he was right all along, it actually took us all by surprise, but in a very pleasant manner.

Imran created a party anthem for PTI.
YES! You heard it right!
It’s exciting, well-written and well-composed. He created this along with Shahzaman and Jawad Kahlown.
Imran himself is seen in the video really passionate and enjoying himself to the fullest.

People are already loving and appreciating it.



Some even called him to leave politics and become the new DJ of PTI:

Participating in Pepsi Of The Bands? Not a bad idea!

Whether you are a follower or not, the catchy music is going to echo inside your head. Don’t believe us? Check it out yourself here:

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