Imran Khan Adresses Membership Camps Set Up In Lahore

Imran Khan takes the stage in Lahore. After arriving back in Pakistan, Khan addressed the membership camps set up in different parts of the walled city. Khan’s addressed was deeply drenched in the essence of nationalism. Taking pride in Pakistan’s graceful past and glorious national spirit, Khan said that no nation in the world is more dedicated and charitable than Pakistanis, and the international community needs to have faith in us.  He said he is wholeheartedly dedicated to serving a common man, and as a part of it, he established the cancer hospital.
He said he wanted to bring the treatment of cancer in access of an ordinary Pakistani because he can’t imagine the struggle they lead in terms of it.
Khan said he had the resources so was able to take his mother abroad for treatment but an ordinary man cannot afford to do so.
Watch the complete address here:


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