Imran Khan and Amir Khan Were Seen Together and The Internet Community Couldn’t Hold Their Excitement

Imran Khan and Amir Khan were spotted together, casually chatting and enjoying the moment and the internet is having an intense meltdown!
Apart from political affiliation, Imran Khan has an extended and passionate fan base because of his prior history as a cricketing legend. Amir Khan, on the other hand, has established himself as an insanely capable boxing hero and is celebrated across the globe.

So of course, the internet was bound to get excited! Pakistanis were so happy to see their icons together. Imran Khan had better plans to make Amir Khan more resourceful for the country. He said that he will put corrupt politicians in a boxing ring with Amir (not a bad idea though!)

It is the same day when Amir made the headlines once again by defeating opponent Phil Lo Greco in only 39 seconds. The audience linked both events too, saying that the fight was so short-lived because Amir was in a hurry and couldn’t hold his excitement to meet Imran Khan later that, which honestly is a reliable enough reason.

People were absolutely loving seeing their stars interacting with one another, especially both of whom had previously represented the country on international platforms.
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Source: Instagram/amirkhan

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